Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

An energetic yoga workshop with intense breath work to arouse and transform sexual energy into sacredness.

In the field of yoga, Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga can be placed in between Kundalini Yoga, Babaji’s Tantra Yoga, Agama Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Like other types of yoga Tantra Kriya Yoga is in search of relaxation, physical exercises, balancing of energy and cleaning up the chakra’s. Yet it’s main goal is to collect, transform and transmute the life force of our being, Prana and Sacred energy. To achieve this Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga uses 5 tools: Pranayama’s, Meditation, Asana’s & Kriya’s, Ritualism and Sacred Sexuality.

artwork by Nick Keller

Prana is the vital life force in our universe and our physical and astral bodies. Sacred Energy is our sexual energy used other than procreation and placed with an intention. In pranayama (breathing technic) the prana is multiplied, moved and used in our system. 

With the asana’s (postures) we direct and use the prana in specific regions of the body. The asana’s are practiced with partners, in trio’s and in the group. By connection to yourself and the other we elevate the frequency to the same level and raise our combined energy. The kriya (action) is a combination of pranayama and movement in the same asana. Every Asana and Kriya is done in a Ritual framework to direct the energy with intention and a purpose. In this way the sexual energy becomes Sacred, for it is not used for procreation or mere pleasure, but it is used for an intentional creation.