Hollistic Healing

All the bodywork that is offered by Asim has an Holistic healing approach. Pleasure during and after the session is very welcome but the focus of the session is on healing. The Bodywork that Sacred Fire is offering is aiming to remove blockages, let the energy flow, connecting your body, mind and soul and bring your whole being in an optimal balance. So you have a fresh start and you can find out what steps you need to make.

The client is seen as a being with a body, mind and soul. With each part contributing equally to the whole person. When in flow, your being facilitates the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, this natural flow is interrupted as energy accumulates and stagnation of energy occurs.

Bodywork can be very relaxing and pleasurable, but it also has the potential to liberate you from (hidden) traumas and blockages. To guide these possible liberation of trauma it is important that we have a talk beforehand. About what is your intention with the session. To come to a consent what we will do, and what we will NOT do, in the session. The consent that you give me during the take-in can not be broaden during the massage, not even if you ask me. The consent can only be withdrawn, and at any time you can stop the session.

Good agreements and consent is important in bodywork to avoid re-traumatisation. And…It also gives you the freedom to express anything that comes up during the session, since the boundaries are set beforehand.

The bodywork comes in the forms of a healing or a massage. the massages are healings were the touch is used to relex the physical body and open the other bodies of your being. Be aware that the massages are not welness massages. The focus is on bringing you to welness, not keeping you in welness.

The bodywork Sacred Fire is offering are:

  • Sacred Fire Healing
  • Loomi Loomi Massage
  • Tantric Loomi Loomi Massage
  • De-Armouring Session
  • Sacred Fire Tantric Massage

Sacred Fire Healing

In the Sacred Fire Healing you stay dressed; your body is touched over your cloths. The energetic body is opened with acupressure and the energetic, astral and spiritual bodies are central in the healing. The Sacred Fire Healing is in a sacred and holistic setting; combining rituals, breath work, movement, chakra/aura clearing, acupressure, shamanistic healing/extraction and goddess channeling. For more information click the link.

Loomi Loomi Massage

In the massages the bodies of your being are opened through massaging the physical body. In the Loomi Loomi Massage the massaging and the movement of your body are used to enhance the flow in your body and to access the energetic, astral, mental and spiritual bodies of your being and work on those levels with chakra/aura clearing, acupressure, shamanistic healing/extraction and goddess channeling. In the Loomi Loomi massage you are naked, but your genitals stay covered by a sarong. For more information click the link.

Tantric massages

The tantric massages are very powerful because of the use of the life-force (sexual) energy in the massage. It can generate sexual plesure, expansion of energy and perceived spaces and can unlock portals to other dimensions of your being.

Sexual pleasure is a very nice experience but the goal of the sessions is healing. So the life-force energy will always always be spread throughout the body, guided to specific aerias of the body for de-armoring or used to reach Altered States of Consciousness. Ejaculations are avoided, unless it is for healing purposes.

Tantric Loomi Loomi Massage

The Tantric Loomi Loomi Massage is based on the Loomi Loomi Massage with the differnce that we are working with your Life-force energy, breathwork is used intensively and your body is naked in the end of the massage. Genital massage can be integrated into the massage, but it is not mandatory. For more information click the link.

De-Armouring Session

In a De-Armouring session pressure is put on the armor with thumbs and fingers. Under this light pressure the connective tissue relaxes, blood flow is created again and the stored tension, pain and emotion can be removed. During the treatment, the stored pains and emotions are released and felt. Sometimes this can be traced to where and when the pain and emotion has been gained, but often not. The story behind the pain is not important just that the tension, pain and emotion is released and removed. You may keep your underwear on during the session. The session begins with a short take-in: to talk about the intention, desires and boundaries of the session. For more information click the link.

Sacred Fire Tantric Massage

The Sacred Fire Tantric Massage is the most intimite and most powerfull Asim is offering. Genital massage is a central part of the massage. In the session we are working with your Life-force energy, Breathwork is used intensively.

Internal massage is an option when it is agreed upon beforehand, but never in a first session.

The Sacred Fire Tantric Massage is an advanced bodywork session. If you know, or suspect, sexual trauma I advise you to start with a different massage. For more information click the link.


Sacred Fire Healing1,5 hour€ 135,-1.008 DKK
Loomi Loomi Massage1,5 hour€ 144,-1.070 DKK
Tantric Loomi Loomi Massage1,5 hour€ 162,-1.200 DKK
De-Armourmering Session2 hour € 180,-1.350 DKK
Sacred Fire Tantric Massage2 hour€ 216,-1.620 DKK

Healings or massages are not just physical experiences; it also promotes healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Take it easy after the massage. Feel what the session has brought you and let it sink. It may be that the session brings you relaxation, but it is also possible that things come loose and that something is set in motion. If necessary, I am available for aftercare.