Chakras are energetic distribution centers in the body. The chakras are important parts of the energetic body. They regulate the organs of the physical body and provide them with energy. When a chakra functions less well, it eventually influences the physical organs it controls. The organs start to function less well and there is disease. The endocrine system, system of hormone glands is directly influenced by the 7 main chakras. All vital organs are directly controlled by hormones. The hormone glands can be stimulated or calmed by influencing the associated chakra,
hormone production is affected and with it the physical body. Common ailments are directly traceable to the malfunctioning of the chakras. The Chakras are in, through and extend beyond the body in the Aura.

Chakras are important for the body:
– they absorb, digest and spread prana to different parts of the body
– they feed the organs with prana
– they control the body through the hormone glands