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or send a message on WhatsApp mobile Phone : 0031 641225073

Please read guidelines before booking

Photo: Marijke Kodden

Educated in Kaula tantra, Core shamanism, loomi loomi massage and self taught in energetic healing and Tarot.

Asim facilitates tantra kriya yoga sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.

His work as a holistic bodyworker he uses elements from shamanism, tantra, dearmouring, energetic healing and chakra healing. 

By using his knowledge and intuition he is channelling while giving a session.


  • For healing to occur it is essential to create a safe environment and that you as a client feel save. 
  • Safety can be different from person to person. That is why the session is customized individually.
  • To do this, we will have an intake before the first session to get to know each other a little. For me to find out what you need/want and what you don’t want. And to discuss the boundaries. 
  • Before each session starts we will clearly outline your boundaries and they will be respected at all times. I will not change the boundaries we have agreed upon during a session, not even when you asked me to. 
  • A session is an intimit experience which can sometimes lead to confusion when (sexual) energy arouses. To prevent further confusion I will be dressed during the session. The session never includes sexual services such as intercourse, body fluid exchange, kissing, etc. 
  • In the end of the session there is time for integration and a short conversation. Healing will have an effect in the days or weeks after the session. In this time I will be available for support. 
  • What happens during a session stays between you and me. I subjected to full confidentiality.
  • The session is payed on arrival either by paypal or cash.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours prior to your session you must pay a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations earlier than 24 hours prior are free.
  • Please arrive fresh and clean.