De-Armouring is the release of connective tissue from tension, pain and emotion.
We arm ourselves in our lives. If you are shocked, you arm yourself by bracing yourself, the body tenses muscles so that they can harden to absorb the blow. It is an automatic process, you arm yourself temporarily and then you can let go again. This happens, for example, when you are in an almost collision, but also when you argue with someone or when you are in a stress situation for a long time.

The armour not only protects physically but also against pain and emotions. Here, this process is more subtle and unconscious. The emotional pain is, as it were, frozen in the connective tissue. This is, in fact, a nice process for dealing with the pain because part of it does not have to be experienced or felt so that there is not too much pain at the same time. The body thus parks the pain and emotions, as it were, for later processing. However, if you do not consciously release the tension, it remains in the connective tissue and hardens the connective tissue.

If a zebra is hunted by a lion on the savannah and escapes, it will then vibrate and shake for a short period of time. With this, the zebra gets rid of the stress and emotion it has gained during the flight for the lion. This also works like that for people, by crying, shaking and shaking we release our tension and emotion.

We often suppress this process by being tough, doing normal again quickly, because we don’t want to feel the pain or engage in emotion. As a result, (part of) the tension, pain and emotion remain in the body, stored in the connective tissue. If this remains stored and is not discharged, even several layers can be stacked on top of each other over time. Because the armor is contracted, there is poor circulation of the tissue and you do not feel that anything has been stored. But in the long term you get complaints such as back pain, cold hand or feet. Moreover, this armored tissue is a hiding place for bacteria due to poor circulation.

By means of De-armouring the connective tissue can be released again from stored tension, pain and emotion. During a treatment, pressure is put on the armor with thumbs and fingers. Under this light pressure the connective tissue relaxes, blood flow is created again and the stored tension, pain and emotion can be removed. During the treatment, the stored pains and emotions are released and felt. Sometimes this can be traced to where and when the pain and emotion has been gained, but often not. The story behind the pain is not important to deal with the pain. It is important that the tension, pain and emotion is released and removed.

De-armoring is incorporated in all three kind of bodywork sessions. see bodywork page for further explanation.