Mask Skeleton Dance

The Mask Skeleton dance is a shamanic workshop to face your masks and investigate your shadows in a playful dance. Strip yourself down to the essence and build up your ultimate self.

The mask we wear, pretending to be.Hiding our shadows in the dark.

Come dance to the beat of the drum.

Peel off our body parts and dance in your skeleton.

Dancing into your core essence in a shamanistic dance.

Become free of your masks and shadows.

Playfully find, investigate, exaggerating our masks using archetypes.  How do I present myself? How do I react? To myself, the other and the world? Is there a mask you want to take off? 

Digging deeper behind the masks, finding our emotions. How do I relate to my emotions, do I express them? hide them? Do I keep it to myself? Or dump them on others? Get ready to own and stand in your emotions.

In a shamanistic skeleton dance, we peel off our body parts, stripping off all that we do not need. Dancing to the beat of the drum, dancing in your skeleton, into your core essence. Become free of your masks and shadows.

With our own intentions for growth and development, we keep dancing in our skeletons. Rebuilding our new body, regrowing the body parts we need; to become yourself, to be able to do what we have come to do.

Sacred Serpent

An active mediation for singles/lovers/(occasional)couples.

Stirring up the serpents and guiding your life-force(sexual) energy through the chakras to unity.

How do we move with one another? How do we relate with each other on an energetic level? feeling your own and the others energy, meeting the others energy, connecting to your own life force energy. 

Moving together in ShivaShakti in a guided active meditation. Meeting each other with stirred up Life-force energy in all the chakras.

The Two-Spirited

Embracing the indigenious no gender binary philosophy, called gender fluidity. A safe space where we can curiously investigate our gender roles and polarities beyond our physical genitals in a free playful flow . 

Lets for a while forget what sex gender we identify as. Playfully we investigate the polarity of Femininity and Masculinity. Through dance, play and touch. Where am I feminine where am I masculine? Leaving the gender box behind. Discovering ourselves; allowing us to have any gender expression that we truly feel. 

How do you project your gender? How do you express it? Is it related to the role you play? Liberate yourself from the conformed gender roles, and use your gender as a tool to express yourself.

Your Sexual magic beast, and how to find it

What is your inner sexual beast like?

What does it look like ?

How is its true expression?

Connecting with your inner reptile, roar like a lion, pose like a unicorn and fly like a dragon.

Workshop in primal, sexual, magical expression and play.

The Prostatic Portal

The prostatic portal is a tantric holistic approach to explore and learn about the bliss and the shadows of the prostate. The prostate has the potential to be one of the gateways to the male multiorgasmia experince. At the same time, it can also be the storage for shadows and energy blockages which can cause dysfunctions.

The multifunctional and multidimensional prostate is often not common knowledge in society. The prostate is by many perceived as hidden in a dark, forbidden and “dirty” area of the body. In the tantric life experience we are encouraged to face our dark shadows and become more conscious about our fears and patterns of behaviour. Our being can be liberated by seeing and letting go of those fears and patterns. By doing so we can emerge into the light of divine consciousness and orgastic pleasure.

The prostatic portal is a hands-on workshop/massage to dive into the wisdom, energies, healing and magic of the prostate.

3 hour prostate massage and healing ceremony for duos/couples.