Earth, the supporting element & physical aspect men.

Through the touch, the Loomi Loomi massage acts on the physical body, just like most other massages. It is generally thought that our memory and beliefs are stored in our brains. That is not the case. Memory and beliefs are stored throughout our body, in all cells. When these are old thoughts and beliefs, they hinder us and act as a blockade. With a Loomi Loomi massage these blockages are removed and the energy can flow freely through the body again. In addition, grounding is important in the Loomi Loomi. The body is grounded through the masseur and this also ensures that you do not fly away during or after the massage, but that you feel relaxed and grounded after the massage.

Water, the connecting element & 80% of our body

By working from the element of water, the different levels of the body are connected to each other. The water element in our body is addressed by the flowing movements in the massage, the flow of the massage and the connecting strokes. In addition to connecting water, it is also an information carrier. The quality and effect of water is influenced by love, intention, sound and movement; or vibration. The presence of the Lomi Lomi practitioner, the flow in the massage and the intention therefore have a major influence on the message that is given to the body.

Fire, the transformation element & the energetic aspect in men.

Blockages can occur in the physical body but also in the energetic body. With the Loomi Loomi massage the body is energetically harmonized and old stagnant energy is removed. By integrating Polarization, Shamanic Ektraction and Chakra Healing in the Loomi Loomi, blockages are lifted, new directions are given to the energy, so that the life energy can flow freely throughout the body. When blockages on the physical, energetic and mental levels are removed and this created gap is filled with life energy, intention and love, transformation can take place.

Air, the informative element & the mental aspect in men.

Our thinking patterns and programming are stored in our mental body. Just as thoughts and beliefs can form a block in the physical body, old thinking patterns and programming form blockages in the mental body. By working with an intention, these old thinking patterns and programming can be removed from the mental body. If this were not done, the blockages in the physical body can come back through the programming in the mental body. By setting an intention, this old information is replaced by new information. To ensure that the new programming is healing and not harmful, the new information is given in a message of love.

Space, the container of all the elements

beyond the bodily sensations, the emotional responses, the personal power and the mental thoughts there is the spaciousness in which everything is happening. this element that is containing all the elements. It can be found in the Silence and Spaciousness of meditation