In holistic healing it is assumed that a person consists of three bodies: physical, astral and causal body. These bodies are interconnected and intertwined. For a vital life it is important to keep the bodies well balanced with each other.

Physical body

The physical body is the tangible body. It consists of the skeleton, muscles, organs.
A flexible and well-blooded physical body has a better connection with the astral and causal body. With yoga, massage and touch the body stays open and the energetic and causal body can flow better. When a body is stiff or there is a local blockage, the energy flow through the body stagnates and complaints may eventually arise. The directive of the healing is to let the energy freely flow through the body; by massaging the body, pressing acupressure points and in case of blockages with de-armouring.

Astral body

The astral body consists of the Aura and the chakras and the emotional body. In short, the aura is your personal energy field and chakras energy distribution centers. The Chakras direct the organs of the physical body and provide them with energy, prana. When a chakra functions less well, it will eventually affect these physical organs. The organs start to function less well and there is disease.
By balancing the astral body, removing blockages and removing old or diseased energy and replacing it with fresh life energy, physical conditions can be relieved or cleared, but psychological and spiritual problems can also be treated.

Causal body

Causal body consists of the mental body, causal body and spiritual body.
Conscious thinking happens in the mental body, but there is also an unconscious part in which all your patterns are recorded. Automated physical patterns, such as breathing and heartbeat control are stored here, but also thought patterns and the ego. the causal body is a kind of a back-up programming, from this back-up of the automated physical and thought patterns. When in the healing blockages are removed that were caused by old thought patterns it is important to also remove them from the back-up programming. otherwise the void that is left behind from the extracted blockage will be filled in again with the same programming. The spiritual body consists of the Higher Self and intuition. this is the realm of spirituality and your connection with the Devine.