Sacred Fire Healing

Duration 1,5 hour 144,- 1080 DKK

Sacred Fire Healing is an intuitive, unique customized healing session.

In a healthy body thoughts, emotions and energies are free to flow through the body. Things are allowed to happen; to flow unobstructed. Obstructions in the flow or blockages are formed when we are trying to avoid, deny or hold on to thoughts, emotions and energies. In everyday life we are unconsciously creating these obstructions on a daily basis. Just because we are not conscious about everything all the time.  Blockages in the body will be taken away to allow the free flow of energy.

The healing is in a sacred and holistic setting combining rituals, breath work, movement, chakra/aura clearing, acupressure, de-armouring, shamanistic healing/extraction and goddess channeling. You stay dressed during the session. The session begins with a short take-in: to talk about the intention, desires and boundaries of the session.


A Healing session begins with a short conversation where we elaborate/agree on intention, purpose and boundaries of the session.

The actual bodywork session takes place on a matress on the floor or a massage table, where the client lays down dressed in comfortable cloths.Adviced is not to wear any constricting clothing (underwire bra, corrective underwear)

For intimite touch; consent has to be given in the take-in and permission will again be asked during the session.

I use organic almond oil. I stay dressed during the massage. After the session, integration/completion is prioritized.