Loomi Loomi Massage Duration 1,5 hour €144,- 1070 DKK

Loomi Loomi is a smooth, rhythmic holistic massage that brings healing and harmony to the entire body. The massage reflects the rhythms and movements of nature. The Loomi Loomi massage consists of continuous, smooth stroking movements that have a tender yet deep effect on the muscles and cherish the body. So that the receiver can relax, let go and just “be”. Through the combination of touch, following the heart and setting an intention, the massage works on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level.

You receive the massage on a massage table. Undergoing the flowing strokes with the hands and under arms of Asim. He will massage your body while dancing around the table. Your body is therefore mostly exposed, although your sex will stay covered by a saron at all times.

In the philosofie of Loomi Loomi it is assumed that everything looks for harmony and love. The words Loomi Loomi have the meaning “Loving Hands” Love is beyond the elements, it is the source of existence. In healing, love and light is always the most important ingredient.

This flowing stream of energy, the use of the long continuous flowing stroking movements, combined with a loving touch, relaxes the entire being and helps to release old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that cause limitations and that go deep into the cells of our body have been saved.

Loomi Loomi is not just a physical experience; it also promotes healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Take it easy after the massage. Feel what the Loomi Loomi has brought you and let it sink. It may be that the Loomi Loomi massage brings you relaxation, but it is also possible that things come loose and that something is set in motion.


A Massage session begins with a short conversation where we elaborate/agree on intention, purpose and boundaries of the session.

The actual bodywork session takes place on a massage table, where the client is first covered by a blanket/sarong, which will be folded away while keeping the genitals covered.

I use organic almond oil.

I stay dressed during the massage.

After the session, integration/completion is prioritized.