The Mask Skeleton dance is a shamanic workshop to face your masks and investigate your shadows in a playful dance. Strip yourself down to the essence and build up your ultimate self.

In this dynamic moving and dancing workshop we will:
Playfully find, investigate, exaggerating our masks using archetypes. How do I present myself? How do I react? To myself, the other and the world? Is there a mask you want to take off?

Digging deeper behind the masks, finding our emotions. How do I relate to my emotions, do I express them? hide them? Do I keep it to myself? Or dump them on others? Get ready to own and stand in your emotions.

In a shamanistic skeleton dance, we peel off our body parts, stripping off all that we do not need. Dancing to the beat of the drum, dancing in your skeleton, into your core essence. Become free of your masks and shadows.
With our own intentions for growth and development, we keep dancing in our skeletons. Rebuilding our new body, regrowing the body parts we need; to become yourself, to be able to do what we have come to do.

Sakskøbing, Lolland

VRIJDAG 17 SEPTEMBER 2021 VAN 19:00…/mask-skeleton-dance…


WOENSDAG 6 OKTOBER 2021 VAN 19:30 ,…/mask-skeleton-dance…

Price 144 DKK

Wear comfortable clothes to dance in.
Bring a waterbottle.