The Prostatic Portal

…. is an online tantric training with an holistic approach to explore and learn about the bliss and the shadows of the prostate. The prostate has the potential to be one of the gateways to the male multiorgasmia experince. At the same time, it can also be the storage for shadows and energy blockages which can cause dysfunctions. The multifunctional and multidimensional prostate is often not common knowledge in society. The prostate is by many perceived as hidden in a dark, forbidden and “dirty” area of the body.
In the tantric life experience we are encouraged to face our dark shadows and become more conscious about our fears and patterns of behaviour. Our being can be liberated by seeing and letting go of those fears and patterns. By doing so we can emerge into the light of divine consciousness and orgastic pleasure. Join us in this journey to dive into the wisdom, energies and magic of the prostate.