Sacred Fire Massage Duration 2 hour €180,- 1350 DKK

Sacred Fire Massage is a full body oil massage.

The Sacred Fire Massage is a healing massage where physical touch is used to relax the physical body and open the other bodies of your being. In the Sacred Fire Massage the massaging and the movement of your body are used to enhance the flow in your body and to access the energetic, astral, mental and spiritual bodies of your being and work on those levels with chakra/aura clearing, acupressure, de-armouring, shamanistic healing/extraction and goddess channeling. In the Sacred Fire massage your life force energy will be activated with breath work. 


A Massage session begins with a short conversation where we elaborate/agree on intention, purpose and boundaries of the session. The actual bodywork session takes place on a matrass on the floor, where the client is first covered by a blanket/sarong, during the session the sarong will be removed, except for your genitals which stay covered during the session by the sarong. I use organic almond oil during the massage. After the session, integration/completion is prioritized.