:: Prostate massage and healing ceremony

TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 20:00 – 23:00

The prostatic portal is a tantric holistic approach to explore and learn about the bliss and the shadows of the prostate. The prostate has the potential to be one of the gateways to the male multiorgasmia experince. At the same time, it can also be the storage for shadows and energy blockages which can cause dysfunctions. The multifunctional and multidimensional prostate is often not common knowledge in society. The prostate is by many perceived as hidden in a dark, forbidden and “dirty” area of the body. In the tantric life experience we are encouraged to face our dark shadows and become more conscious about our fears and patterns of behaviour. Our being can be liberated by seeing and letting go of those fears and patterns. By doing so we can emerge into the light of divine consciousness and orgastic pleasure. Join us in this ceremony to dive into the wisdom, energies, healing and magic of the prostate.It will be a 3 hour prostate massage and healing ceremony for duos/couples.

There will be sharing of theory, a hands on prostate massage combined with a prostate healing ceremony.
The workshop is for both beginners and intermediate to prostate massage.Safety: We will set up af safe space. All the recieving asses will be facing the wall to provide the reciever of the prostate massage with as much private space as possible.

The one giving the massage is recommended not to have long nails.

Price per couple/duo:
72 euro/540 Dkr

Following the covid regulations:
There will be 10 couples spots available for this intimate event. Participants must have a covid-passport proof either of maximum 72 hours old covid test, full vaccination or immunity.

Location: Virkelig yogastudie, Tagensvej 85 C, 2 sal, KBH N.

Practicalities/preparation for workshop:
Empty your bowel before the event and wash. The giver should make sure to cut nails before the workshop.
If you are a 2 male duo, we recommend that you before the workshop starts, decide who will be the giver and the receiver. There will not be time to do the massage twice, so it’s advised not to switch roles throughout the demo. We will provide non latex gloves for the event.
Bring your own lube or oil for the massage.
Bring your own sheet to cover mattress, 2 towel and a blanket
Have a notebook available.

Please note that if you suffer from an enlarged prostate (BPH), prostate cancer or prostatitis. We recommend that you see your physician for a prostate exam/tests, before receiving a prostate massage. We will not be able to take responsibility for the outcome of you attending this workshop. We will guide you to the best of our ability so you won’t damage the prostate or trigger a worsening of a chronic condition.

Please feel free to email us with questions before signing up at theprostaticportal@gmail.com