Holistic Healing

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Sacred Fire

Bodywork in DK and NL

I’m offering bodywork in Copenhagen in june 2021

Loomi Loomi

…… massage is a smooth, rhythmic massage focused on relaxation and healing. The massage reflects the rhythms and movements of nature.

The Prostatic Portal

The prostatic portal: is an online tantric training with an holistic approach to explore and learn about the bliss and the shadows of the prostate. Next online workshop the 17th April 6 pm CET

The tribal vibe village festival

I will be fascilitating at in Moon island in Denmark this summer
From the 24th July – 1st August.


be.tantric online forum

I’m fascilitating TKY, Sacred Magic Tantra and manfulness group at the be.tantric online platform

Man to manifestation festival

Amsterdam 28-30 may 2021


“Liquid feeling of bliss and being … “

Recieving a Loomi Loomi massage by Asim … brought me into a liquid feeling of bliss and being. Asims firm, gentle, long and holding touch has a beautifully balanced flow. During the massage I felt my body, mind and spirit being touched, lifted, nurtured, healed into a state of peace and presence.

“Deep, healing and comforting massage”

Lomi lomi massage with Asim is one of the deepest and most comforting messages I have ever received. The technique is very special, he uses a lot of oil and moves his hands with long strokes along my body. During the massage I felt completely safe and like someone was holding a sacred space for me where I could breathe, let go and say what I needed to say. I felt like my whole physical, emotional and energy body was healed from this wonderful session.


a little about..

Asim SacredFire

Tantrika, bodyworker, masseur, shamanic practitioner and energetic healer.

Educated in Kaula tantra, Core shamanism, loomi loomi massage and self taught in energetic healing and Tarot.

Asim facilitates tantra kriya yoga sessions, workshops and ceremonies in a blend of tantra, yoga and shamanism.

His work as a holistic bodyworker he uses elements from shamanism, tantra, dearmouring, energetic healing and chakra healing. 

By using his knowledge and intuition he is channelling while giving a session.


Photo: Marijke Kodden